Protecting Your Children from Smoking

Smoking Can Make People Addicted


Lots of people from adults to teens like smoking. Smoking seems to be the activity that cannot be separated in their life. Besides, smoking is disturbing the health because cigarettes contain dangerous substances. Those hold some substances such as formalin, carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, and many more. There are many dangerous effects to the health due to smoking. They are heart attack, pneumonia, many types of cancer, and reproduction system nuisance. Though people have known its harmful effects and caused diseases, they are still smoking. Smoking is also bad for people’s body fitness that makes them feel faint and often tired during doing activities. Nicotine content in the cigarette is the reason why many people are smoking. It makes people always addicted to smoking. If the people do not smoke, they feel stomachache, worried, and cold sweaty and cannot concentrate. Thus, smokers will be a smoker until they died because of addicted effects like said in

The Dangerous Effects of Smoking to the Health

Teens take at high risks of smoking. At that age, the teens usually seek their identity so that bad things easily influence them. There are many harmful effects of smoking to the health. Smoking absolutely gives bad effects to the lungs. The people who are smoking usually have low functions of lungs and also the lungs grow badly. The long-term effects of smoking are related to one’s health. There are many ills that can occur due to smoking such as stroke, cancers, heart attacks, and impotent. Smoking also reduce the performance and endurance of the body so that the people cannot do sport actively anymore. The other effects are to the mental of people. Smokers usually tend to drink alcohol and use drugs too. It is better to avoid smoking because it is bad for health. Taken from

Avoid being Obese with Helathy Diet and Physical Exercise

In this 21st century, there is a common medical condition that has something to do with our busy and fast rhythm of activities. Obesity is that medical condition in which one’s body contains an excessive amount of body fat. This increase or excessive body fat is not an issue to be easily forgotten, since it has dangerous effects on our health. Obesity, the excessive body fat, could lower life expectancy on a person with it and it could also cause or increase other health risk such as cancer. To indicate whether or not a person is in the problem of obesity, it can be looked through his or her BMI, the acronym which stands for Body Mass Index. If the person’s BMI is more than 30 kg/m2, it can be concluded that the person is already obese at 


Obesity could cause other physical even psychological effects on human’s health. On the physical side it could cause heart disease, even the worst: cancer. In the psychological side it could cause depression, especially on women. To prevent one to become obese, there are as simple as two things worth noted: dietary and physical exercise. Avoid eating any kind of junk food is important, it’s the basic. But, physical fitness is the main thing supporting you to avoid obesity. If you cannot force yourself to the gym, you could have some help from personal trainer service in

Three Main Programs at Fitness or Gym Centre

Do you want to have a healthy life? If yes, then you have to keep your healthy lifestyle and do some workout. Joining with a fitness club centre is the best answer for you who want to stay healthy. Actually there are three main programs that you should know before you want to join in the fitness centre. They are lose/gain weight program, body building program, and fitness program. These programs are always available in every fitness or gym centre. If you are visit fitness centre at the first time and you want to join as a member, then the fitness centre staff will always asking whether you want to join in which program. You have to decide whether you want to join with lose/gain weight program, body building program, or fitness program. If you do not know about the three main programs, then here are the explanations of the three main programs at fitness or gym centre in

program fitnes

Lose/Gain Weight Program
Lose weight program is arrange for you who want to make your body slimmer. This program is specially made for the overweight person. So if you have extra large body and you want to make it slimmer, you can follow lose weight program. Lose weight program will be focus on cardio exercise and burn fat to lose weight. That is why the name of the program is losing weight program. Because the main goal is to make you lose the weight of your body. Otherwise, gain weight program is specially made for you who have a thin body and less than the normal weight. Gain weight program is a specific program to increase your muscle mass and helps your body to absorb protein better than before. If you want to reach the best result for the lose weight program and also gain weight program, then it is highly recommended to consume some supplements such as whey milk, muscle mass supplements, fat burner supplement, and many more. Before you consume the supplement, it is better for you to have a consultation with your private trainer.

Body Building Program
Body building program is focus on how to make your body look perfect like the athletes. If you want to have good shape and athletic body with big muscle, then it is perfect for you to choose body building program. This program is also perfect for those who want to be bodybuilder athlete. You have to consume body building supplement to reach the maximum size of your muscle. This is a long term program, and you have to be patient to get the result.

Fitness program
The same like the name of the program, this program is specially built for you who want to keep healthy. Fitness program is also known as regular program. You do not have specific goal such as lose weight, gain weight, or make some big muscles because the main point of this program is to keep you stay healthy and fit. So now you know the different between one and another program. You may choose one program that fit with your wants and needs at

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Take a Good Care of Your Hair Extension

Most women prefer long hair over short hair. It is due to the fact that women are more attached to the image of having long and beautiful hair. However for some women to be able to get long hair may not an easy matter. When growing the hair naturally, it is likely that the hair will get some problematic issues such as dry, oily, or easily get tangled. For that reason, the method of getting long hair in an instant by using hair extensions becomes popular.

However, after you have taken a hair extension you will need to take care of it properly to make the best result of it. Therefore, here are some tips on hair extensions care that may be of use to you.

hair Extensions

· Get your hair extensions checked once in a while. It can be done for about a month or a month and a half period. It is to make sure that your hair extension is in good shape as well as repairing if some of them are off.

· Avoid the use of hair conditioner. If you still want to apply it, then just apply them on the tip of the hair. It is important to ensure the hair extension keep shiny and not easily tangled.

· When washing your hair, make sure that your head is in upright position or looked up. And be careful on moving your hand do it vertically or horizontally only.

· When you are sleeping it is recommended that you loosely braid your hair to make sure it doesn’t get tangled if you move a lot while sleeping. However if you are the type that don’t move a lot in your sleep, just comb it neatly before go to sleep will be enough.

· Use a smooth comb or hair brush instead to avoid any damage to the tape in hair extension.

By giving proper care to your hair extension, you will be able to use them for long period. Otherwise, if you give them wrong care such as applying other treatment such as bleaching or coloring it may shorten its lifespan.

Using Dictation in iPad

If you do not want to spend your time in typing in iPad Dictation, then you have to use iPad Dictation. It is a feature of iPad that let you to turn voice into a text. Instead of typing, you can say something and it is automatically appear in keyboard. It is useful if you want to write a Mail or Notes. To activate this feature, you need to connect your device with internet. Actually it has similar way with Siri. Even many people say that sometimes iPad dictation is more functional than Siri.


You can go to Settings – General – Siri and turn on Dictation. The way to use it is simple. You can tap microphone symbol on the keyboard then dictate the words that you want. After you have finished, then tap Done. If you want to add more text, feel free to tap microphone symbol again. The important rule that you have to do is saying the punctuation marks in word. No matter what the punctuation, you need to say it to make iPad Dictation can work well. For the example, if you want to say “I have an iPad, two iPhones and three iPods”, then you need to say “I have an iPad comma two iPhones and three iPods period.

Dictation is not only available in English, but also in many languages such as French, Japanese, Italian, German, Korean and many more. Although it is limited, but there is possibility that iPad Dictation adds more languages packages. Make sure if you have installed the appropriate language with the keyboard so Dictation can work well. Dictation only can work if you connect the devices with internet. If you are in Wi-Fi, then you can activate the Wi-Fi. If there is no Wi-Fi around you, then use Cellular data to connect.

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